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08.10.22 – 17.12.22 « The Great Industry »

Exhibition organised in collaboration with M. K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art, Community platform Backup Stories.

Location: Salle Kirscht, Musée FERRUM, 14 Rue Pierre Schiltz, L-3786 Kayl


An initiative inspired by the upcoming European Capital of Culture – Esch 2022, the MUAR – Musée vun der Aarbecht is Luxembourg’s first museum of work. “MUAR” being a wordplay resembling ‘tomorrow’, we aim to bring this immaterial phenomenon of ‘work’ in its broadest sense to life and closer to the public.

Honouring the industrial and cultural heritage of the Minett, the southern region of the country, the MUAR will allow visitors to gain insight and perspective into the past, present and future world of work. They will learn about the women and men who have been and are shaping the country’s economy and society.

As a transportable as well as a physical space, we will highlight the complex and universal themes around freedom, power, money and human rights through curating and hosting short and long – term exhibitions, seminars, conferences, concerts and informative workshops that are unlimited in its form or place.



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