An initiative inspired by the upcoming European Capital of Culture – Esch 2022, the MUAR – Musée vun der Aarbecht is Luxembourg’s first museum of work. “MUAR” being a wordplay resembling ‘tomorrow’, we aim to bring this immaterial phenomenon of ‘work’ in its broadest sense to life and closer to the public.

Honouring the industrial and cultural heritage of the Minett, the southern region of the country, the MUAR will allow visitors to gain insight and perspective into the past, present and future world of work. They will learn about the women and men who have been and are shaping the country’s economy and society.

As a transportable as well as a physical space, we will highlight the complex and universal themes around freedom, power, money and human rights through curating and hosting short and long – term exhibitions, seminars, conferences, concerts and informative workshops that are unlimited in its form or place.


Join our association, help us to carry out projects according to your availability by paying the annual membership fee of 10 €.


4, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville, L-3674 Kayl

Postal Address

b.p. 56, L-3601 Kayl

Bank Account

CCRALULL, LU68 0099 7800 0098 7107

aim of the association

(Extract from the statutes):

Article 2

The purpose of the association is to develop and manage the project “Musée vun der Aarbecht – MUAR” in close cooperation with the Commune of Kayl.

The purpose of the association is:

  • to secure, from a memory and archiving point of view, the important tangible and intangible heritage linked to the local mining and industrial history, by drawing on all the tangible and intangible resources still accessible and before their inexorable disappearance. In particular, it will be a matter of mobilising the witnesses of the mining and steelmaking era so that a definitive material and immaterial collection can be completed and presented to the public in a sustainable manner;
  • to give the Commune of Kayl-Tétange, within the framework of its socio-cultural programming, a complementary niche with a regional and international interest in work in general and social history in particular.
  • to involve scientific collaborators in order to ensure the link between the state of the art at a scientific level and the public’s demand for concrete and popularised information on the specific themes considered;
  • to build up the Network of the Schungfabrik cultural centre with other existing and future institutions in the region and to provide it with a thematic niche that is of lasting relevance.
  • The association can cooperate with private or public, local, regional and national institutions with similar objectives that are interested in the subject.

The association is ideologically, politically and religiously neutral.

The Founding Members

Guy Assa – Romain Becker – Laure Caregari – Patrick Donven – Robert Garcia – Brian Halsdorf – Gérard Kraus – John Lorent – Marc Lukas – Viviane Petry – Françoise Poos – Luca Ratti – Arnaud Sauer – Pierrot Schiltz – Denis Scuto

President: Guy Assa

Secretary: Marieke Jarvis

Treasurer: Jérôme Vael