A Museum’s Blog?

A BLAR? OR A MOG? Are you sure about this?

The answer is: YES. This is a space where we can share insights into the work-related themes and news that is currently on our minds, share stories that would otherwise go untold and invite guest writers to contribute to an ever-expanding … MOG. Or BLAR. Which one is worse?

We would like to encourage the public to contribute and join us.
Any suggestions? 

Minett Mash-up – E8: Sergio Carvalho & Pol Zimmermann X Heure Blue Ellergronn

Minett Mash-Up – E1 DePodcast!

Welcome to Minett Mash-Up – De Podcast, a new collaborative project between Minett UNESCO Biosphere, Musée vun der Aarbecht (MUAR), and...

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our Blog

You may think that blogs are out of fashion, and that out of all the types of blogs that exist in this world, a museum's blog about work is the last...