For the good of the hard-working population!
An exhibition about Jean-Pierre Bausch, Léon Weirich and Jean Schortgen


The purpose of the Musée vun der Aarbecht (MUAR) is to bring the themes around the world of work from the past, the present and the future closer to the public. For the cultural year Esch 2022, the museum intends to familiarise the national and international public expected for this eventful period with the socio-political work of three personalities from the region. These are Jean-Pierre Bausch (1891-1935), Léon Weirich (1878-1942) and Jean Schortgen (1880-1918).


The exhibition aims to show its visitors areas of experience of the three actors that were formative for their socio-political positions. They should understand which ideas of their time were adopted by Bausch, Weirich and Schortgen and how they wanted to change and improve the reality of life for the working classes.

As Luxembourgers, the visitors can acquire life stories from the generation of their great-grandparents and grandparents. They learn things about power, work, housing, leisure, religion, hopes and dreams that expand their picture of everyday working life in the south of the country. As foreign visitors, they can compare and reflect on their own ideas of past industrial working worlds with Luxembourgish examples.

Exhibitions cannot provide an authoritative answer to the question “what was it like exactly back then?”. However, by approaching the past with historically documented fiction, our exhibition can encourage its visitors to approach social-historical reality with their own knowledge and imagination. The presentation form of our exhibition will stimulate visitors in an entertaining way, astonish them and make them curious, make them laugh and think, but also inform and touch them seriously.

In this way, our show will contribute to a future-oriented socio-political discussion that does not take achievements in the field of labour legislation for granted and forever secured.

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DURATION: 45 mins (max. 20 persons per group).

COST: €75 in cash.

LANGUAGES AVAILABLES: LU, DE, FR, EN, NL (please specify the desired language when reserving).

CONTACT: hello@muar.lu 



Jean Schortgen - Artist: Guy Hary

The exhibition is open from 30 April 2022 to 25 September 2022.

Closed on public holidays.

Thursday and Friday 16:00 to 20:00
Saturday and Sunday 2 pm to 6 pm

Admission €5 (free < 21 years old and students < 26 years old)

Guided tours € 75 (max. 20 persons per group)

 Contact: hello@muar.lu

Address: Ferrum Museum, Schungfabrik, 14, rue Pierre Schiltz,
L-3786 Tétange



Working Class Heroes, which takes place in the FERRUM Museum, includes an extramuros element with the installation of “statuettes” representing the different characters and themes of the exhibition.

These statuettes hold a QR code that allows you to view videos of our actors interpreting some of the speeches made in the Chamber of Deputies by our “heroes”. Click here to see our videos.

With this geo-location map you can find the statuettes exact outdoor locations and access the content.